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Welcome to our journey of entrepreneurial success.

My name is Denise, and alongside me is my husband Dixon. We understand the challenges you face building a business and raising a family.

From working multiple jobs, exploring many different side hustles and spending countless hours feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, we transformed our lives, and want to help you do the same thing.

We've not only built two direct selling companies to top ranks but also established a million-dollar business, generating six-figure incomes. Our passion now lies in helping individuals like you accelerate your network marketing business to the highest levels, in less time than it took us.

Our first venture took over nine long years, because nobody new what they where doing and old school methods didn't work anymore. But the second business we built, twice as large, in just six months.

The best part? We did it without the traditional methods that took us away from our boys at night, like working booths, hosting parties, or relentlessly asking friends to host them for us.

Our secret weapon? Social Media.

We're here to share with you the strategies and systems that can propel your business to a million-dollar success story, regardless of the company, program, or products you represent.

Are you ready to learn how, just like us, you can achieve remarkable success using the power of social media?

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Let me introduce you to this new concept that is disrupting the social sharing industry. It's the ultimate code sharing program. This program is turn-key business that has already acquired over 5,000,000 customers, generated over Billions in sales, over $1 Billion in commisions, and is the most dupicatable and scaleable online business today. What makes sharing even easier, is your customers are actively looking for the products they offer. Once they purchase from you they are your customer for life, which means you get paid anytime they reorder their favorite products. It's like having your own Amazon store with much better pay and provides things like skin care, or sport performance, to nutrition and wellness.

So, you earn income helping people switch to safe, non-toxic products they want.

This is an affilant link program, no team building is required. They pay upto 36% commisson and give you upto $200 in free product to use for your personal use.

Want an MMR ONLINE Digital Course?

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We'll help you learn how to build your own digital product to share your knowledge, and expertise, from coaching courses, to parenting classes or even your favorite cupcake recipes.

Once you purchase this you can also resale this online training course for a 100% profit.

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